The App for Android devices
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Password Safe Android app

From the beginning, Password Safe was a powerful and functionally rich software, yet intuitive in usage. Our goal for version 7 was to offer a mobile version of that. This is exactly what we have implemented in an App.

And why should you use Password Safe? Nowadays everyone needs to remember numerous passwords. More and more accounts make it more difficult and problematic to remember all the passwords and also to use secure passwords. Therefore one manages often with notes, insecure media such as excel spreadsheets or worse, using the same password. Join Password Safe and be safe from crime.

The solution is: Password Safe and Repository.
Password Safe allows you to manage all your passwords and store them safely.
Our password generator creates secure and complex passwords instantly.

Your safety is our aim

  • Encryption with 256-bit AES algorithm
  • Generates secure and complex passwords at the push of a button
  • Deletion mode following too many logins (optional)
  • Expiry date for the database (optional)
  • Managing multiple databases
  • Automatic transfer of rights for Professional and Enterprise Edition
  • Encrypted backup in Dropbox

More than just passwords

  • Managing credit cards, debit cards, PINs and passwords
  • Ccustomizable input masks
  • Folder structure to easily organize data

Favorites and Geo-favorites

  • Highlight your most important data as a favorite with just one click
  • GeoFav for location-based access to favorite passwords. For example, you need/have different favorites at work and at home

Automatic registration and integrated browser

  • Integrated browser with new automatic password entry
  • Web bookmarks for faster browser access

Synchronization and cloud

  • Synchronization with Windows Password Safe version
    (from Standard Edition version 7)
  • Cross-device Secure Cloud Sync with Dropbox, for example from Android phone to Android tab
  • In Sync with a corporate database other security-related settings are possible, as well as the deactivation of cloud features

Temporary Access (release)

  • The innovation in mobile Password Manager
  • airPass for temporary passwords secure browser-based access with external PCs and Macs


  • Individual optimized layout for smartphones and tablets
  • Runs on Android version 2.2 and later
  • No ongoing fees or InApp purchases

The App for Android devices is now available at the Google PlayStore for FREE

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