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Standard USB stick
Base price 15,— € 12,— €

Standard USB stick

The Personal, Standard, Professional and Enterprise versions can be extended by a plug in to permit logging in with a USB stick. This means that the user can log in using this USB stick and there is no need to enter a password for login. You need a normal USB stick that can be used as a removable hard disk and can be addressed as a drive to use this plug in.

Licence information: A plug in licence must be purchased for each computer/user licence.

Graduated price

1 piece 15,— € 12,— €
5 piece 13,50 € 10,80 €
10 piece 12,— € 9,60 €
25 piece 10,50 € 8,40 €
50 piece 9,— € 7,20 €
100 piece 7,50 € 6,— €
  Software maintenance & support

Software maintenance (Private)

Comprises: 12 months of updates (e.g. if you have bought version 7, within version 7.x.x; upgraes to the next higher version are not included)

Licence information: Free for first year, then 15% of the current sales list price. The minimum amount is 10 euros. The period is 12 months. This is not a subscription. You decide yourself before its expiry whether you wish to extend the software support. Cancellation is therefore also unnecessary.

Why should you take software support?
MATESO GmbH's research and development efforts into new security technologies and comprehensive product developments are ongoing We have decided to take the very fair option of software maintenance packages so that we can always make these available relatively quickly and are not continuously required to bring our new main versions This means that you receive major enhancements substantially sooner and do not need to wait for a new main version for which you will have to pay.

Does the software expire?
No, the software does not expire. You are only prevented from installing new updates if your software maintenance agreement has expired and you do not wish to extend it. You can, however, continue to use the software without further charge. Please note that if you re-order licences you must always use the current support level. Support levels cannot be mixed and the period is not extended but retains the current status. Support levels cannot be mixed over different products. The same support level, e.g. Private, must be selected for all products. A subsequent change to a different support level is not available on principle. Please immediately order the support that you wish to use in subsequent years.

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Product Quantity Unit price Price
Base price 12,90 € 12,90 €
Personal Edition

Graduated price

1 piece 12,90 €
Software maintenance & support
0,— €
Total 12,90 €

The VAT is included in the price for residents of the European Union. The price exclusive of VAT applies for other countries. All information regarding delivery times must be considered non-binding. As a rule, all licences are issued directly by an automated e-mail, although this will depend on the method of payment.

You may test the software intensively for 30 days before ordering. We must, however, assume that your order is truly binding, if you have decided to purchase a usage licence and the associated licence key.

Since a usage licence is a non-tangible good, it is not possible to return it. The European and German Distance Selling law (97/7/EC, or section 3 paragraph (3) of the German Distance Selling law) excludes products of this kind from the right of revocation. It is therefore not possible to take back the licence key supplied or to revoke the contract to buy.